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  1. 10 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection on the Mac
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  3. Very slow wireless speed MacBook Pro - NETGEAR Communities
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Very slow wireless speed MacBook Pro. I decided to give the official firmware a try today and the wireless speeds are horror.

10 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection on the Mac

My Mac reports a very slow rate of 54 Mbps on PHY Mode: Factory resetting. Cleaning my Mac preferences. Same issue. DD-WRT was ultra fast but the stock firmware is ultra slow. Speed testing shows averages of 30 Mbps and I'm on a Mbit connection.

Message 1 of 8. Labels: AC Nighthawk R Not applicable. Re: Very slow wireless speed MacBook Pro. Message 2 of 8. Disable QoS and check as well wired connection if slow. Message 3 of 8. QoS has been disabled and no issues when connected over LAN. Detailed below is how to create a new network location using custom configuration settings for DNS and MTU, this can often resolve finicky network issues on the Mac and other hardware for that matter.

This series of steps involving trashing wi-fi preferences to create new ones and using a new Network Location with defined DNS and MTU settings are some of the most consistent means of resolving software based wi-fi issues on the Mac. Usually this just involves unplugging the router and modem for about 20 seconds, then plugging them back in again.

The exact process of resetting routers and modems can vary per manufacturer, and thus it would be impossible to cover all of the options here. This is no different with the MacOS Mojave Did the above troubleshooting steps resolve your wi-fi problems in MacOS Mojave? Did you find another solution to your wireless networking issues? Share with us your thoughts, experiences with troubleshooting, and solutions for fixing wifi difficulties, by leaving a comment below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Improve Wi-Fi Speed And Performance On Your Mac

Just saved a trip to the Apple Store and hopefully this helps anyone else with this problem! Thank you so much! Wifi was fine as long as Mac was not connected to wifi network.

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Moved files you suggested, rebooted, now looking good! Thanks so much! You rock! After six months of iffy WiFi, I made the phone company replace my modem.

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All was well for a week, then it started again. So far, so good. Unfortunately, none of the options worked for me. I upgraded to Mojave If I turn off wifi and turn it back on, It will work for two clicks then wifi stops working again. Try updating to macOS Then follow the steps here. Unfortunately, this has not worked for me.

Check Your Speed and Compare It to Your Plan

Nice :. Starting to run out of patience and ideas. Confirmed the USB is the source of the problem. I have a ray cue dock and pinging 1. In my case with a brand new Mojave installed mac mini it is not the wi-fi that is dropping?? Principally its when I stream programs, seems stable otherwise. Need clear mind to try any of the above but would be nice if there was some clarity on wi fi connection as opposed to a general drop.

Very slow wireless speed MacBook Pro - NETGEAR Communities

My macbook air works fine. Update; neither of the top two options worked, still drops, realise now that it drops but signal fan stays full bars. Its just as far as I can tell when streaming programs. Shall try a fresh install of Mojave next. If the signal indicator stays enabled and the issue only starts when streaming video or something of that nature, the wi-fi should be on and working, it might be another problem. Perhaps a bandwidth issue, or does the connection itself drop eventually?

Somewhere along the line its reverting to the before flaky wi-fi.

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  5. 10 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection on the Mac.
  6. Usually its when streaming channel 4 or Netflix it drops, though watched without any issues last night. Downloading large files is fine as I did today. All absolutely ok on my macbook air. Its a puzzle for sure. Yes bandwidth drops eventually, I have a dropbox logo in the menu bar so that is a good indicator if it has died, goes grey. I could try replacing configuration files with those from macbook?? Or just use an ethernet cable:. Thank you!!!! Thank you so much, the second option worked for me, I had no idea how to fix my iMac after the Mojave update and no wifi working!! I took a while to shift to Mojave At first, no internet, tho had connections; managed to get ppoe working after messing about with settings, including my ISP password and name.

    For Wifi, nothing; till just today. Broadband down for other reason. Spent quite some time on this, getting Wifi connected but no internet; changed settings, DNS, tried finding and deleting VPN files etc etc etc The Wireless Diagnostics report [via option-Wifi symbol] had a bit of info including about a proxy, for websites.

    All proxy boxes unchecked; I tried checking them all, and Applying. Then, unchecked them. Maybe this did a reset or something, but afterwards got Wifi internet. Not certain this was the change, but I think so; maybe this can help someone…. Tried everything, new router, technical support with Spectrum ISP. After a lot of troubleshooting found out everything but apple devices was really slow. So only apple devices for some reason.

    Then got on to this website and lo and behold it was due to a USB wireless headset I had connected to the Mac. I unplugged the USB and the speed went from literally 1mbps to 70mbps. Thanks for the info. Excellent article. Thanks a lot. This works.

    How to Fix Slow Mac Wireless Internet!

    Annoying thing is that Apple brings out updates Mojave that cause problems and does not solve them afterwards. There have been 2 updates after that. Test Results. So you are saying it is my router using 2. I am starting to think the same thing as well. I have gone to the shops, connected with other bluetooth devices using their wifi and it works fine.

    Even using my own headphones work fine with their connections as well.. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Macbook pro 15 inch. Turn off bluetooth. Disconnect all peripherals from your computer. Turn bluetooth back on. Macbook Pro.