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Glorifying God with My Vote This time of year we are bombarded with political ads that twist, exaggerate. Just In - The newest podcasts to the neighborhood. Adrian Warnock - a Christian. Trending - Podcasts your friends are talking about. The Moth Podcast. Cumberbin's treasure.

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The University of Colorado could always use a guy who is good at raising money. As for Meanwhile, expect to hear Dmac paired with several different co-hosts over the coming weeks as the smoke settles. Some of the prospective hires might be pretty exciting. More to come on that as the days roll on.

I feel awful for Dmac who I am sure is very bummed out about all this.

What are your thoughts on 's DMac? : DenverBroncos

Raj Sharan, who was recently named the program director at the Fan, will have an opportunity to continue putting his signature on the programming there with the hire he makes. I leave work every afternoon at around six and every afternoon I tune my car radio to And it should be.

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In Talkers. The Drive is a fun and fan-friendly show which is why it seems particularly odd to me that Alfred Williams has been missing lately. So what gives? It would be utterly insane of them to do that but having observed the comings and goings of radio talents in Denver over the past decade I have seen this happen before. Noah Fant is increasing his stock and changing the way the guys are looking at him.

Adrian Dater, Avalanche insider joined the program and discussed the new Altitude deal and what it means for the future. Dater also previewed the Dallas Stars match-up against the Avs and the one key player that needs to step up even more. DMac gave an update on the Broncos injuries and the players that could play on Sunday and which ones that are designated to out and not play against the Cleveland Browns. The guys gave their prop bets The guys also discussed the NFL Wonderlic test and whether they truly matter for players to do well on that test.

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Joe Flacco was moved to the inure reserve today and the guys talked about what the future will look like for the Denver Broncos for the rest of the season. On the They debate what the Broncos are doing when it comes to Drew Lock. The guys debate what could have been with Chad Kelly on the anniversary of his breakdown.

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They figure out how he compares to Jay Cutler. The guys debate if Brett Rypien has a future with the Broncos. Nick plants his flag for Brett Rypien. D-Mac kills the Broncos QB room with truth. The guys debate if the Broncos should bring in a controversial quarterback. Nick and Tyler give their likely scenarios for the Broncos in the upcoming draft. The fellas come up with their favorite QB scenarios for the Broncos.

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Nicki Jhabvala of The They debate how VR is being used as an evaluation tool. In The Countdown, Joe Flacco is expected to miss a month. Ferguson took a look at the Broncos defense and DMac brought up a Broncos killer that looms on the Browns that will cause some chaos. The guys also took a look at Brandon Allen and Ferguson made a shocking comparison as to which mobile quarterback Allen could be like. The guys also listened to some quotes from Chris Harris Jr. Without Joe Flacco now, where do the Denver Broncos stand with the season finishing here soon?