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Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a Windows 7 computer with which I use an Apple keyboard. Because the Mac keyboard doesn't seem to have a Delete key, I have so far resorted to the "on-screen" virtual keyboard.

This is quite annoying and I wondered if there is a better approach. Windows is designed so that, unless system security is already compromised in some other way, only the Winlogon process, a trusted system process, can receive notification of the C-A-D key combination. You could probably remap the keyboard , try ctrl alt fn-delete the easiest potential solution or simply turn off the need to use the three fingered salute to log on.

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This works with control and option alt to form a Ctrl Alt Del. Using the Mac's delete , which is equivalent to the PC's Backspace , does not work for me. I had the same issue. Every combination failed me. In full disclosure, I am not using a wireless bluetooth keyboard. I am using a usb keyboard with the numeric keypad on the right.

After failing with all the combos above, I made sure the num lock was off. I used control not the command key, just regular control key , option aka alt with no fn key combo , and the ".

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  • No lie, that is what I used. Hope this helps!!!

    25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

    You have to remap your Del key to something. You can use Input Remapper to do that. It will even try to detect you mac keyboard and make some of the setting for you. Link to the script. I was on the same problem and the best solution I found is to use Apple's BootCamp which provides the drivers for Apple Keyboard. Go to apple support page, download BootCamp, extract and install AppleKeyboard only instructions here , and then fn key works on windows.

    One can now use fn-BackSpace to get the windows-like del, like it is done on a mac.

    How to Perform “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” on Your Mac

    Together you get all the predefined function keys on the mac keyboard working on windows like volume control, brightness control, etc. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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    Firefox Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

    This requirement can be disabled via Group Policies gpedit. Typically only on the right side. It is used for Context Menu. You can use a keyboard tool to remap it. In Microsoft Windows desktop Explorer , when a file is selected, Enter will open the file. To rename the file, press F2. In Mac desktop Finder , when a file is selected, Enter will activate file rename.

    Using Mac Keyboards in a Virtual Machine

    It delete texts to the left of the cursor. For some time around to , Mac OS X's Safari browser also started to do the same, but removed this shortcut again when gesture with touchpad becomes popular. Use 2-finger swipe to the left to go back. In a text editor, the key will delete to the right of the cursor. When there is a function assigned to it, it is used to delete to the right of the cursor. On PC keyboards, there is the Insert key sometimes labeled Ins.

    Alt/Option Key

    Apple keyboards doesn't have this key. These keys have old history back to the 's or earlier and in general are not used since , except on Windows the PrtScn key is for screenshot.

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    Apple's keyboards do not have these keys.