How to install feed the beast mac 1.7.4

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Which launcher should be working?


Minecraft or Horizons? Does the launcher you're trying to use look like this? This is the 'old' or 'original' FTB launcher, and is the only pack-hosting launcher I'm familiar with.

If you can see this screen, then the instructions above should work: find Horizons on the left, click on it, click Edit at the bottom, enter your Minecraft username and password if you haven't already , make sure your username appears in the drop-down thingy, click Launch, and the launcher will handle the rest for you. If you've gotten a launcher to load, but it looks nothing like the above screenshot, it's probably the Curse Voice launcher.

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I have never messed with it and have no idea how to make it work. If you haven't gotten any launcher to work, go here and click on the "Legacy Mac" link below the big download button. It'll download a zip file; extract that and see if you can make it work.

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  • Cracked Minecraft Launcher offline mode.
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Dude, you saved myself, thanks a lot I didn't had the launcher, now the entretainment begins :' By the way, you can choose which mods to install in the launcher? I mean, for example, what if i don't want to install ''Thaumcraft 3'', can i go to settings and prevent the installing? Thank you for your help. CamiCraft , Jun 24, Someone Else 37 , Jun 24, Thank you men.

Official documentation of OpenComputers

CamiCraft , Jun 27, Prerequisites [ edit ] Have a legal and verified Minecraft account. Have Java installed. Step 1: Download the Client [ edit ] Scroll down to the "download client" section on feed-the-beast. It makes no difference which one you use.

Cracked Minecraft Launcher offline mode

When it has finished downloading, you can move the. By default, all of the Modpacks will install to a new "FTB" folder in the place where you downloaded it to. Open the Feed The Beast Launcher. It may take a bit at first for it to configure itself. Step 2: Launcher Options [ edit ] Before starting to play, you can configure your options in the "Options" tab.

Tutorial:Installing Feed The Beast on Mac

Select an install location for all the mod packs if you want to change it. You can choose how much RAM to allocate to Minecraft. Under "Advanced Options", you can adjust the Minecraft window size.

Enter your Minecraft Username and Password and press "Add". Your "Profile Name" can be anything. It is only used as a name in the launcher, not the game itself.