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Safari (web browser)

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STOP ignoring Safari (Safari vs. Chrome)

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Safari Running Slow on Your Mac?

Categories : software Apple Inc. You should try it. This is effective enough that some digital advertising experts think companies like Facebook and Google will become weaker. The new Safari is also full of little tweaks that make the whole experience better. I especially love how I can pin tabs that I use often, and Safari will keep those pinned tabs open in all my browser windows. Safari also keeps track of the tabs on multiple devices, so if I had a webpage open on my work computer and wanted to pull it up on my phone, I can do it with about three taps.

And boy, that dark mode does look nice. Of all the great new features, one is utterly life-changing : AutoFill Passwords. This password manager is a feature for both iOS 12 as well as macOS Mojave, and it makes my life on the web infinitely easier.

Content Filters Are Better Than Ad Blockers

No more remembering passwords, and certainly no more of the autofill confusion that plagued me on Chrome. You know, the bug where Chrome fills in the wrong stuff in forms or suggests the wrong passwords? Safari simply works. The autofill feature also covers the security codes for two-factor authentication, the ones that some companies send you in a text message. It sounds like a small thing, but when you have to do this multiple times a day, it feels utterly liberating not to have to search for my phone and hammer out six digits.

For instance, the new Safari will automatically generate super secure passwords for you and save them to your keychain Chrome has a similar feature. Safari will also do an audit to the passwords you have saved to your keychain and shame you for duplicates.